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2. New business launch press release, web copy and flyers

A newspaper’s response to a press release? “Thanks for this- it looks really interesting”. I’m happy with that.

Client’s response to the web copy and flyers: “Wow-it looks amazing!”

3. Networking to promote a new business at an industry event

8:36am (local time for Michael: Fri 8:36 AM)

for invoice 2455071-1
Michael T.
  • Jo did an excellent job with little time to prepare and started to work late at night to get it done. She designed business cards, printed them and attended a conference on my companies behalf. Jo networked like crazy and came across very well as the people were very receptive with her. She also had to learn a bit about my industry in no time at all. I asked a lot from Jo and she did better than I could have imagined. Well done Jo ; )

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