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Is your marketing strategy working?

Are you working all hours but feel like there’s little to show for it? Just like a well-written assignment or lesson plan, your business needs a clear plan with aims and objectives if its to succeed.

This doesn’t have to be complex or time consuming.

Not sure where to start?

You could use the SMART acronym to help you:

Goals needs to be:





Time driven

Let’s say you’re trying to run revision classes for students in schools. Your target audience is parents of students aged 14-16.

Objective: To launch classes and raise company awareness.

Goal: To enrol 50 students on summer courses over July and August.

Strategy 1: Get existing clients to rebook and recommend to their friends.


1: Send a monthly newsletter.

2: Ask for testimonials and recommendations.

3. Run a recommend a friend scheme.

Strategy 2: Online marketing: Harness the power of social media to attract new customers


1.Raise brand awareness by posting regularly on social media.

2. Use local groups to advertise and promote.

Strategy 3: Marketing offline


1. Make contact with schools and local parent groups.

2. Provide taster sessions.

3. Ask all venues to promote your services.

Don’t forget to obtain post event feedback- just like for all great lesson planning…

Make sure you obtain feedback and use it to analyse the effectiveness of your programme and your marketing strategy.

Sounds time-consuming? Not sure how to assess student’s learning needs and deliver an effective programme?

Do contact me today for a no-hassle free initial consultation if you would like further details of how I can help you design, market and deliver a successful campaign that really makes an impact.

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