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Why use a proofreader or copyeditor?

Do you have an assignment to hand in or writing that needs a fresh pair of eagle eyes to check for accuracy and typos?

If so, employing a proofreader or copyeditor will really help add polish and shine to your message making it stand out in the market place.

What the difference between a proofreader and a copyeditor?

A proofreader will check your work for accuracy, grammatical and spelling errors ensuring that it is faultless and follows the house style.
They will make sure that the message is fit for purpose, easily understood, fluent, concise, engaging and consistent with your publication’s or author’s “voice”.

A copyeditor will do all this plus check for plagiarism and copyright laws. They will re-write any parts as necessary*.

Can I help you?

I have extensive experience in writing materials to engage with a challenging audience with a limited attention span and editing work in line with set guidelines to ensure all criteria are met for examination success.

I would love to help you add traction, polish and shine to your business message – helping you to reach clients and achieve your goals.

Why not contact me today for further details? Call 07984 405691 or email

*Please note this service is not an essay-writing service. Please contact for further details if you would like further clarification.


Star Copy Edit

Copywriter and proofreader specialising in educational and scientific copy

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