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5 steps for effective marketing

Is your business message dazzling the market place or is it more of a faint light in the corner? Do you have a new product to launch or just need a fresh approach to your marketing campaign?

Why not check out some of the tips below to make sure your business growth isn’t being held back by lack of product awareness.

  1. Define your USP- Do you have a catchy slogan? Is it something memorable that makes people sit up and take notice of you/your product and what you’re about?
  2. Gather data on your competitors – what can you do differently/better?
  3. Identify your target market and go after it. Use seasonal promotions to work to your advantage.
  4. Make sure your promotional materials and social media strategies are consistent with your message and using SEO techniques.
  5. Analyse your PR campaign and promotions and use to full effect.

If your message is in need of a revamp, employing a copywriter will pay you hands down saving you time and money.

So here’s the skills I can offer:
Writing – training or promotional materials- brochures, leaflets, bid writing, press releases etc that get your message across clearly and succinctly and stand out from the rest.

Proofreading & copy editing- to make sure your ideas reach the required standard and don’t fall down because of a few typos or grammatical errors.

I can assure you of an effective, high quality product that will be produced in the speediest time frame possible.

For more details, contact me at: or call 07984 405691


Star Copy Edit

Copywriter and proofreader specialising in educational and scientific copy

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